Think again….

Just because diet soda has zero grams of sugar and zero calories, doesn’t mean it is a healthy consumption option in place of regular soda.

A recent study has shown that those who regularly consume diet soda, did not lose any weight and in many cases, they gained weight. Your brain registers the fake sugar as real sugar which can lead to more sugar cravings, overeating and eventually weight gain.

Some studies have even shown insulin is released in the body when diet soda is consumed.

There’s also the argument that people use diet soda as an excuse to consume more elsewhere. People justify it in their minds that they’re saving themselves the calories on a diet soda so they consume that extra cookie or snack, again leading to overeating.


Drink more water! Make it fun and flavorful with fruit if you’re craving a sweet drink. Soda provides no health benefits so try and cut the family back on consumption. Make diet soda a treat if you must enjoy one every once and a while.