Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring and bland. We came up with 6 healthy ways to recreate some of your favorite foods that don’t skimp on flavor.  Challenge yourself and your family to try one of these this week!

Pasta for Zoodles 🍽


It’s so easy to spiralize any vegetable into noodles now but my favorite is zucchini. Having these healthy zucchini noodles really bring out the flavor of whatever sauce you use. Zucchini is a great low-calorie, low-carb option high in nutrients like potassium, manganese, and antioxidants like vitamin C and vitamin A.
When sautéed on the stove for a few minutes they have the same texture as an al dente noodle! YUM! You can use a simple hand spiralizer to make noodles or invest in a higher-end option with different blades! Great for making stir fries and salads. Need some spiralizing inspiration for your next dish? Try out one of the recipes from this cookbook!

Potato Chips for Kale Chips 🥔


Craving a salty, crispy snack? Instead of opening up that greasy, fatty bag of potato chips, opt for a delicious way to fit more leafy greens into your diet. Sprinkle some sea salt, chili powder or your favorite seasoning to spice it up! Use a simple recipe like this one at Minimalist Baker.

Rice for Riced Cauliflower 🍚


Riced cauliflower is one of my personal favorites and can be used as a substitute for so many different types of recipes. It’s an amazing low carb option that provides high levels of vitamin C and K. I love making a homemade burrito bowl with cauliflower rice as the base or creating your own cauliflower “fried rice”.  Some other great ways to use cauliflower: pizza crust, tortillas, cauliflower “mash” (like mashed potatoes). You can grate the cauliflower head yourself or now most groceries stores even have pre-riced or pearled cauliflower packages.

Spaghetti for Spaghetti Squash 🍝


When it’s squash season, spaghetti squash is always on the shopping list. All you have to do is slice in half and bake, then the squash creates noodle like pieces that you comb out with a fork. Top with your favorite sauce, protein and cheeses. Check out the number of different recipes Skinnytaste has for spaghetti squash.

Ice Cream for Banana Nice Cream 🍦


Next time that sweet tooth craving comes around try satisfying it with some nice cream -an easy, delicious, vegan option to ice cream! You can customize the flavor and add yummy healthy toppings like sliced almonds,  coconut shavings, almond butter, cocoa nibs – get creative! Check out PopSugars different flavor options.

Pancakes for Protein pancakes 🥞


Saturday morning rolls around and all you want to a stack of delicious pancakes or waffles. Swap those own for a more nutritious option full of protein! The recipe from the girls over at Tone It Up is absolutely to die for!