How many hours per day do you think you spent looking at a screen? That includes the television, your computer and your phone. That’s a lot of time if you work at a desk job behind a computer! And if your children are old enough to have cellphones, the amount of time spent on social media and texting can be overwhelming.

Reducing screen time can help you and your family spend more quality time together, sleep better and help with focus and concentration.

Below we’ve run through some easy tips to help you and your children reduce their screen time and live fuller, healthier lives.

1. Dinner Time

Use dinner as a time to catch up as a family. Sit around the kitchen table and talk. No cell phones, no TV. This can also help with mindful eating. Instead of mindlessly consuming your food and not paying attention/overeating, speaking in between bites can help you slow down and realize fullness sooner.

2. After School Activities

The #1 past time of kids after school is TV. Change that statistic and have the kids go outside and play games. If the weather isn’t great, create inside games – board games can be fun for the whole family!

3. Two Hours Before Bedtime

Make a family rule, no screens before bedtime. This is a time to get homework done, visit with the family, clean your room, get ready for the next day or pick up a new book. This readies the mind for bed and is a great habit to develop! The blue light from your phone or TV can cause you to stay awake and have a sleepless night.

4. No TV’s in the Bedroom

To monitor your child’s consumption of TV, it’s best to keep the TV in common areas only. You don’t need your child falling asleep to the TV and making a habit of it. Again the light and noise from the TV causes disrupted rest.