2017 is quickly coming to a close. With a new year, comes the idea of starting fresh, starting over and setting lofty resolutions to change something major in your life. At Bite Size, we believe in very small, achievable goals. If people don’t experience success rather quickly after beginning, more often than not people become defeated and easily give up.

A classic New Year’s resolution example: I’m going to lose 40 lbs by working out every weekday and eating healthy in 2018. Goals like this cause people to drastically change their habits, lifestyle and schedule, which make it very difficult to start this new routine January 1st (and let’s be real, everyone’s too hungover to start the 1st anyways…)


Instead, we suggest to start even smaller – we can work our way up to losing that 40 lbs – but lets focus on adjusting some of your current habits to make them healthier, which will in turn help you lose weight and achieve success. These small wins will help keep you motivated to continue on down the path of simple, small steps to a healthier life.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

For example, you want to add exercise into your weekday routine, yet you rarely ever go to the gym currently. A goal of hitting the gym every weekday when you’re not used to going at all is setting yourself up for failure and disappointment. Start very simple: when you’re watching TV, at the commercial break, stand up and march in place a couple times. This may seem silly, but eventually you will begin to like this movement, maybe you’ll start marching during the entire commercial break, or maybe you’ll even get some sort of equipment to work out with while you watch TV. Getting the whole family involved can make it a fun and engaging activity as well!

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Do you serve dinner in front of the TV every night so the whole family mindlessly eats in silence as your favorite reality show consumes everyone? Try setting a goal of no electronics or screens at the dinner table. Focusing on the food itself and enjoying the company in front of you, can help you be more aware of when you become full and stop you from overeating. If you can, keep the serving dishes in the kitchen as well, so if people want seconds they have to decide to get up and walk to get them.


Want to eat healthier this year? What exactly does that mean? Try and be specific with some simple goals. Every time I am out to dinner, I will sub one side for a vegetable. Every time I walk into the grocery store, I will make sure to fill my cart with fresh whole foods first. Every Sunday, I will spend time with my family picking out a new veggie recipe online to try for that week. Set a goal that follows your regular routine to make it easier. Involve the family to make it fun. Setting goals like these are attainable and you and your family will reap the rewards of success.


These few scenarios are just a couple examples of small, simple goals you can focus on for the new year, instead of some daunting scary number, or lofty goal with no roadmap. Bite Size Movement was created to help you learn how to lead a healthier life in a way that makes sense. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter and follow us along in 2018. We have some great content and tools to help you stay on track and become your best healthy self (and the family too)!