We’ve all been there. You’ve had a great day eating healthy whole foods and bedtime hits – and the tummy starts to rumble. What do you do if you’re trying to stay on track?

Don’t worry, a late-night snack can sometimes help balance your digestion and hormones to help you relax and fall asleep. Everything in moderation is essential.

We’ve listed some low-calorie, healthy and satisfying options you can reach for, next time the midnight beast roars.


A warm soup or tea can trick your belly into feeling full. Warm usually seems more filling that cold and the volume of liquid takes up more space. Try a cup of soup or broth to settle your stomach and not overfill you.


Carbohydrates can release tryptophan in the blood which can help us get good rest. Try a slice of whole grain bread or some air popped popcorn.


Any unprocessed whole food can be a healthy bedtime option. Fruits and veggies are low on calories and have lots of fiber to make you feel nice and full. Snack on your kid’s favorites: a stalk of celery or apple with some nut butter, or even a hot coco with some nut milk or low fat milk- warms the belly and is a perfect before bedtime snack for you or the family.


Dairy is a great option that can fill you up quickly and still provide nutrients. Yogurt or cottage cheese with some fruit is always an easy option. Or grab a string cheese and take your time peeling it one string at a time!


If you’re truly hungry before bed, don’t stress and worry about undoing your healthy eating from the day. A light snack won’t kill you and remember drink plenty of water! A hot water with lemon is one of our favorite night time relaxation rituals.