Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive, or difficult. It is actually cheaper than eating out regularly! Preparing your food at home, is the only true way to know what’s going into your body. Restaurants and fast food options have so much hidden sugar, salt, sodium and who knows what else. We listed a few tips on some key ways to save when shopping at your local grocery store….

Make a list!

This is something you should get the whole family in the habit of. Plan what you’re going to make for the week. Browse fun recipes online and make note of what items you’ll need to purchase. I love having a small whiteboard on the front of the fridge and when I’m out of something or think of an item I need, I write it down. Whenever I decide to hit the store, I take a picture on my phone of the list so I don’t forget anything!

Buy Seasonal Produce

When you buy produce that’s in season, its at the peak of it’s supply, and costs less to farmers and distribution companies to harvest and get to your grocery store. Therefore it’s cheaper in the store! This also means you get the best tasting, healthiest food possible. YUM. Unsure when certain produce is in season? Check out this USDA chart.

Choose Store Brands Over the Regular Name Brands

Believe it or not, switching to a store brand can easily save you around 30% without sacrificing quality. More often than not, when it comes to staple food products like flour, sugar, corn starch etc. they are regulated. And in most cases the same manufacturers produce both the brand name and the generic product! In most cases, its hard to tell the difference.

Don’t be afraid to buy frozen!

Frozen produce can be cheaper than fresh. A bag of frozen organic spinach costs about $.50 cents less than a bunch of fresh organic spinach, and you’ll get twice as much of the leafy green. And a 10-ounce bag of frozen organic raspberries costs the same as just 6 ounces of fresh berries. Use your frozen product to make smoothies, soups or steam and toss with your favorite sauce to get your daily full servings of fruits and veggies.