The holidays usually mean lots of family time, happy hours and parties surrounded by all sorts of delicious dishes, desserts and drinks. It may seem impossible to stay healthy during this time of the year but there’s always a few tips and tricks you can use to avoid overdoing it on the Christmas cake and Eggnog! We pulled together our top strategies when attending an event where we know we will be tempted by lots of tempting treats and cocktails:

Have a small, healthy bite before you go. Showing up to a buffet style event starving, will almost always result in overeating. Our eyes are usually bigger than our stomachs and can get us in trouble. Having a well balanced meal beforehand, can help you feel more satisfied and make smarter choices.

Decide on your alcohol limit before you go as well. Decide on the number of drinks you want to enjoy total for the evening ahead of time and do your best to stick to it. Making this decision early on will help you pace yourself throughout the night. Also try and choose lower calorie options such as a glass of wine or clear liquor with soda water if you can.

Fill up on vegetables. If available, try and choose the food options that include veggies! Our favorite is the crudite platter with hummus for dipping.

Mix and mingle. Take your mind of stressing about food, and enjoy people’s company. Try and have conversations further away from the serving table to avoid mindless eating.

Browse before going in. Take your time to look at all the food options available. You can map out the real estate on your plate more healthily. Love pumpkin pie but don’t care for the sweet potato side? Skip the side and allow yourself to leave room for a bite of pie!

Don’t stress and have fun. It’s not the end of the world if you end up splurging for one night. Already by just reading this article, you are currently making a small change to your mindset. By then taking it a step further and spending the time to think ahead and decide what kind of healthy choices you can make at these parties, you’re already making a big step towards leading a healthier, more mindful lifestyle. Be proud! (and don’t beat yourself up if you have one too many cocktails or a second slice of pie!)

Happy holidays from all of us at Bite Size Movement!