Exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle no matter what age. Exercise releases endorphins, which give you a happy high and makes you feel great even in the hours following your workout. Plus, when on a regular exercise regime, most individuals are more motivated to make healthier food choices throughout the day.

Working out and getting your blood moving should not feel like punishment. We’ve listed some sneaky ways you and the family can get moving that will seem more like fun than a chore!

Go for a walk before or after dinner. 

If the family is going out to dinner, try and pick a place where you could walk to or park in a fun neighborhood and walk to the restaurant. Enjoy the homes – especially around Christmas time! If you’re eating at home, make a walk an after dinner game. Take turns playing I spy with my little eye.

Have a dance party.

Take turns choosing a song and have the whole family up and dancing in the living room. Push the furniture to the side and let the beat take over! An hour of nonstop dancing will fly by and is great cardio.

Make TV time into exercise breaks.

Every time there is a commercial, play a game that requires everyone to do some sort of exercise. Make “Hulk muscles” by doing push ups. Play follow the leader and do a string of exercises like jumping jacks, squats or sit-ups until the show comes back on.

Get outside and away from screens. 

Encouraging the kids to get outside and be creative with playtime is an easy way to fit in exercise without anyone realizing. Sitting in front of a screen watching TV or playing videos games shouldn’t take up all your kids play time. Get outside with a ball, a mitt, a pogo stick, even playing hide and go seek or tag is a much healthier option the whole family can participate in and benefit from!

Plan a fun family weekend activity!

Have the whole family look forward to a fun active outing every weekend. Go for a bike ride. Plan a hike and pack a picnic. Have a dog? Go take him for a walk to the park and play some fetch. Head to the beach and go for a swim, throw the ball or walk along the water. Just plan something that requires the whole family to go outside and get some fresh air. What are some creative ways you get your family to get out and active?