Valentine’s day can be filled with lots of unhealthy processed sugar. This year, try something different and on the healthier side – perfect for school parties or a valentine’s day themed snack!

Frozen Strawberry Yogurt Treats


All you need is strawberries and your favorite yogurt. Freeze and serve. A yummy healthy treat the whole family can enjoy.

Heart Sandwiches


Surprise your little ones in their lunch box by cutting their favorite sandwich into a heart shape with a cookie cutter!

Chocolate-Filled Raspberries


Sneak your favorite chocolate chips (dark, milk, white, etc) inside a raspberry for a chocolatey surprise!

Chocolate Chip Clouds


This light, gluten free chocolatey treats are absolute heaven! These chewy clouds are made with few ingredients and are only 54 calories for one cookie.

Sugar Free Pink Marshmallows


These easy valentines day mallows only contain 4 ingredients! Use a heart shaped cookie cutter to make them perfect to give to your loved ones.

Heart Shaped Pizzas


Get the whole family in the kitchen to decorate their own individual heart-shaped pizza! Load it with veggies, or even try making the base out of cauliflower.