Eating out can be tough, and expensive. We came up with a simple list of how to eat healthy without breaking the bank. You can still eat at fast food chains and make healthy decisions! When in doubt, always fill your plate with lean meats, clean greens and lots of veggies. Here’s some ideas on what to order when you’re at these chains that won’t hurt your wallet.

chipotlelogopromoStick to a salad or a burrito bowl and skip the unnecessary carbs in the tortilla. If you’re dying for a tortilla, choose corn tortilla tacos. If you’re doing a bowl, we love to get half lettuce and half brown rice – since sometimes the portions can be a bit large. Skip the sour cream and cheese if you can. Have as much salsa as your heart desires! And don’t forget some healthy fat with that guac if you’re down to spend a couple more dollars.



An obvious choice is a side salad with chicken. But maybe you’re in an airport and need a quick nutritious breakfast. An Egg McMuffin only has 300 calories and a whopping 17g grams of protein. Stick with the whole egg sandwich instead of egg white. The yolk contains carotenoids, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Another light lunch or dinner option would be their McWrap Southwest Grilled Chicken. Nix the tortilla strips, cheese and ranch sauce, to total only 380 calories while serving up a whopping 27 grams of  protein and 4 grams of appetite-suppressing fiber. Finish it off with a side of apple slices to make for a well-balanced cheap meal option!


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For the kids, a four piece white meat chicken nugget meal with a side of apples and low-fat milk instead of fries and a soda. For Mom and Dad the new power Mediterranean chicken salad. Super low cal, just watch the dressing! Working out hard and need some extra carbs? Try the grilled chicken sandwich – it has 38 grams of carbs and 35 grams of protein!



Panda has a whole Wok Smart menu with many different options – string bean chicken, kung pao chicken, broccoli beef, teriyaki chicken, black paper chicken and a few more. If you can, forgo the chow mein and fried rice and choose the steamed veggies as a side. They also have a plain brown rice option if you feel you need more carbs to supplement.


One of our favorites is the Spinach, Feta, Egg-White Breakfast Wrap. It provides a bunch of filling protein, 19 grams, and the whole wheat wrap has 6 grams of fiber. Another great on the go snack is the protein bistro box. It has a hard boiled egg, almond butter, fruit and cheese. Need a quick healthy lunch? Grab the Veggie and Brown Rice Salad or the Zesty Chicken and black Bean Salad. Both are filled with lots of veggies and vitamins to fill you up and won’t break the bank!