It’s movie night and the family wants to munch on something yummy to go along with tonights Disney movie! We’re sharing our top healthy choices that are easy to make and shareable. The whole family can enjoy these!

Stove Popped Popcorn


An obvious favorite is popcorn. Skip all the unnecessary chemicals, added salt, butter, and sugar from microwave popcorn and buy your own kernels. To pop on the stove, all you have to do is cover the bottom of the pot with your favorite high smoke point oil like avocado or sunflower oil (olive oil when heated to a point where it smokes can produce potentially carcinogenic toxins!), pour in the kernels over high heat, cover and wait!

Healthy Puppy Chow


Craving something sweeter?  Try this healthier version of puppy chow from Slim Sanity. This version skips out on the butter and powdered sugar and use a healthy nut butter and oat flour instead for the stickiness. Yum!


Avocado Hummus and Crackers


This hummus is easy to make and full of protein from the chickpeas. Use your favorite healthy crackers, chips or pretzels to dip. Find the recipe on Eat Well 101.


Frozen Grapes!


If anyone in the family loves gummies or movie candy, cut back on the processed sugar and freeze some grapes! They’re more natural and have a sweet-tart solution to satisfy that candy craving.


Crispy Crunchy Beans


Roast some chickpeas in the oven and top with your favorite seasonings for a healthy, satisfying, plant based protein snack. We love to drizzle ours with olive oil and season with sea salt and a dash of cayenne.