Will sports drinks and protein powder help you reach your 2018 resolutions faster? Check out these 5 myths below to understand the best way to achieve your goals….

Myth #1: Quench thirst and dehydration during or after workouts with a sports drink like Gatorade or Powerade.

Gatorade is advertised as a drink that will quench your thirst and replace everything you lose while working out. Sure it has electrolytes but it also has calories and sugar. Consuming sports drinks when exercising isn’t necessary. Drink water when you work out and you will be just fine!

Myth #2: Sit ups make abs. 

You may have heard it before but we’ll say it again – you cannot spot reduce! Working out a specific group of muscles will not help you lose weight in that specific area. In order to have “abs”, you must have a low body fat percentage overall. Still do your sit ups but don’t give up your cardio and arm/leg days!

Myth #3: Protein powder will make you gain muscle. 

More often than not, the food we consume daily has enough protein in it for us to live healthily. Lifting weights and exercising more? Throw in some extra meat or fish to supplement your muscle growth. Protein powders are not a magic solution to help you build muscle. So unless you are working out intensely 6 days a week, skip the extra protein.

Myth #4: Endurance exercise is good for cardio health. 

Don’t get us wrong, jogging and cycling are great for your health. But shorter, high intensity workouts are safe for those struggling with obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Recent evidence suggests that shorter bouts of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) — which forces a different kind of oxygen-free energy creation inside the muscles — can provide similar benefits to longer moderate-intensity continuous (MICT) workouts, in about one-fifth the time.

However, choose the exercise that works for you! Whatever you enjoy the most, keep doing.

Myth #5: If you work out regularly, you will lose weight. 

Regular exercise is definitely important to a healthy life. However, more than half the battle is nutrition. If you’re not fueling your body with nutrients- vegetables, protein, fruit – then it can’t perform at it’s best. That’s great of you’ve got a regular workout routine down. But you wonder why the weight won’t come off? Trying taking a look at your diet and add in some whole foods, cut out the processed, fast food type meals!