Your family deserves to be healthy.

If you're a busy parent with barely enough time to pick up dinner, much less cook a healthy meal, Bite Size Movement is here to help.

That’s what Bite Size Movement is all about – giving you practical, easy tips to get healthy that don’t require much effort, and can even be fun for the whole family!

The key isn’t about what diet or fitness plan you choose, it’s about taking any small, healthy steps in the right direction.

Health advice that's simple, easy and fun.

Whether it’s for yourself or your kids, taking small, easy steps will always be more achievable than trying to uproot your entire lifestyle overnight.

It's time to stop feeling guilty (or worse, making your kids feel guilty) for not conforming to the latest fad diet.

We made this website to inspire, motivate and guide you to take all the little steps that help you and your family get healthier, happier and more active.

Watch the inspirational documentary.

Bite Size is an award-winning documentary that takes an intimate look at the obesity epidemic through the eyes of the children most at risk.

They show us that losing weight is not just about changing the number on the scale but also about asking ourselves who we are and what we want to become.

Most importantly, the movie inspires us to consider the consequences of our actions and legacy that we intend to leave for our children.

Simple health tips for your family.

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